After capturing the lovely wedding in Croatia I went straight on a plane and headed to Rome. A nice easy flight connection meant I landed in Rome super quick and the following day heading to the lovely wedding of Laura and Will. These guys postponed quite a few times from the pandemic and Lauras vulnerability so we needed to make sure it was the best time for them. So from 2020 to 2022 they finally then had their day.

They wanted a very intimate day with a small number of family, without all the frills they decided to book an air bnb and have external catering. I love a nice simple wedding, meaning that there is not chaos, no ‘too many cooks’ with how the wedding should be done. Just pure simple love and their friends and family.

And that really is a great take home. If you want a UK wedding, then do it how you want. If you want to escape and go abroad, that is perfect too. It is the day you both dream of and should be exactly how you want it. Just pure magic.

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