Syon Park has been on my bucket list as a photographer for a VERY long time! After living in West London for a number of years at the tie, we would often pass by, visit the garden centre and I would salivate about capturing the most maxing weddings here. Fast forward to Rahima and Naeem asking me to be their wedding photographer after meeting them at the National Wedding show and I was a very happy photographer indeed!

What I loved about this couple where their complete trust in me. As a photographer most people are hiring you, I would hope! for your expertise. But theses guys took it to another level. I felt like a complete valued member of the family- confided in and fully trusted. And as a photographer there is no other feeling like it when people put that eve of trust in you. And I really feel like it does push you as a creative and allows you to go above and beyond for your couples.

We managed to get some great shots in the main house, where you can play with the lighting. As well as some great golden hour lighting in the main conservatory before they looked to sit down for dinner. From candid coverage throughout the day for their two ceremonies, to dancing into the night! These guys were just pure bliss.

I am really happy to have also booked a second wedding at Syon Park which I am excited to go back .So if you want to hire an experienced Syon Park wedding photographer veteran… then pop me an email ūüôā


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