Castello Monaci bari Italy wedding photography

Destination Wedding Photographer

“Emma combines all the qualities that you expect from a brilliant photographer. Very straight to the point, gives you a very clear guidance where to stand to get the best shots (if you need it), the first part of our day was very packed and we had quite a lot of guests so she managed the crowd like a boss. Second part was a bit more relaxed and that’s when she became absolutely invisible, capturing the best moments of our wedding reception. I can say that we are 110% satisfied with her work!” Kristina Baker

I cover destination weddings for couples who really want that special touch for their weddings. Having traveled  for my fashion work to places such as New York, Paris and Milan.. I was in no doubt that I wanted to do this for my wedding work. Destination weddings can have some stunning backdrops and lighting that make for such amazing images. This year I have photographed in Malta, Italy and Atlanta. 2018 in Tuscany, Italy, Santorini, Qatar and Edinburgh!

I work with my couples to be able to make destination weddings as cost effective as possible, with no hidden costs or over the top fees. Here is a selection from recent weddings, as well as take a look at the behind the scenes from my trip to Atlanta for Handy and Lehdeen’s wedding at Swan House.

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