So you live in London.. why not have a London wedding? Why go to the countryside?

There really are so many reasons to take a look at the many location options there to get a taste of what the great outdoors can offer! And it does not mean you have to go too far, there are so many places just on the cusp!

Will it be too far for my guests?

This is often a question to consider. If guests live in London and dont drive then you might want to look at how accessible the venue is by train and to avoid too much expense for your guests. If they do drive then make sure the venue has overnight parking options so they can collect their car in the morning. Meaning they can let their hair down and enjoy the day. Many people look to keep a distance within an hour if most of the guests are located in London. If many guests are coming form all over the country or abroad the overall location is less of an issue.

What about accommodation?

Often couples have a wedding website or documents that they send out with research they have done on close by accommodation. And some venues have on site options for immediate family included in a package for the venue hire. Make sure there are suitable accommodation options to suit all budgets and not too far form the venue if they will be getting taxis once the wedding is over.

What is the difference?

Country venues have that quintessentially British charm. unlike a London hotel where they will be many other guests there is that 99% of the time the venues are fully private hire. You also have a vast amount of backdrops to utilise- ranging from gardens, architecture, glass houses and the inside of a country manor has many options for couple photos.

The day also tends to be in one place meaning less stress and more time to enjoy the day. Often on London you can be changing venues from bridal, to ceremony to dinner venue. It can be a bit too much for older guests as well as not always the options for backdrops for photos. Sometimes the areas between these venues are far too busy for couples who are more nervous in front of the camera. So pick your venues well for how you want to feel during your photos as well as backdrops.

Country venues often mean yourself and guest turn this into a mini break for the weekend compared to just one day. Often they might book a couple nights stay and explore the local area- so you are giving guest more of an experience rather than everything done and dusted in 12 hours.

Here are a few locations which have the wow factor, and tick all of the boxes!

Euridge Manor

Set in the picturesque countryside are of Chippenham, this is a dream venue. With an array of backdrops from the boathouse, boat, chandelier, terracotta room and rose bush arches it really is a dream venue. There are many rooms to have the ceremony and dinner in from the ballroom to the boathouse. As well as on site accommodation for immediate family and options locally for additional guests.

Caswell House

Caswell House set in the edge of the Cotswolds is a stunning venue filled with charm. With the option to have an outdoor ceremony and use of the private gardens for couple photos. Dinner and dancing i nthe main barn area and bridal prep on site.

Hedsor House

Only around 40 ins from London, Hedsor House sits within Taplow. With the option for a cermeony in the main house or their on site church, drinks on the lawn and dinner in their beautiful mirrored dining room this place scream elegance. One of the highlights of this venue is their stunning bridal prep room, where hair and makeup can be separate and the main bedroom clutter free for those light, bright and airy prep photos- so if your considering booking here make sure you leave enough time to do them!

If your still unconvinced- think about a few venues closer to London city. Places like Syon Park and Kew Gardens sits within London so people dont have to travel out but you still get more privacy and amazing backdrops for amazing photos.

Syon Park

Set within the more leafy west London, there is option to marry in the glass house (later ceremonies) or the checkered room followed by photos in the library and dinner in the glasshouse ready to dance the night away.

Soon house wedding photographer
best iyon park weddings

Kew Gardens

Probably one of the most versatile London spaces, with pretty much all of their spaces rentable for weddings. From ceremonies in the Nash conservatory or Cambridge cottage, drinks reception in the Princess of wales and dinner in the Palm house. Each and every space here is stunningly beautiful.

Kew Gardens wedding

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