Lake Como is one of my favourite destination wedding areas. If you are planning a wedding in Italy then Lake Como has to be high on your shortlist.

With amazing food, stunning lake side venues and even a boat ride or two. This is a must see area. And planing it does not have to be difficult. Often couples plan themselves and keep things low key or you can get an Italian wedding planner.

Either way, lake Como is one of those places that just takes your breath away. Here are some of my top bucket list locations if you are considering getting married in Lake Como:

Villa Pizzo

Villa Pizzo is a 17th Century villa like no other. Set on the lake and only visible fully from a boat. This place is truly stunning to hold your wedding vows. You can have your ceremony overlooking the lake, surrounded by statues from the 1800s. Dinner can even be inside the villa with is gold architecture and amazing chandeliers.

Villa Balbiano

Villa Balbiano is part of the Heritage collection and sits right on the lake. The heritage collection is a family run group founded in 2011 and has dedicated its time to restoring the most amazing buildings across Europe. One of their restorations is Villa Balbiano on Lake Como, filled with opulence. The villa sits on the westerns shore of Lake Como and is the larges private estate on the lake with 2ha. Villa Balbiano has been listed as one of the most prestigious venues by Harpers Bazaar and Vogue.

Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero is an amazing villa with so much architecture you can only dream of! The Villa is owned by the province of Lecco and one of the main hstorical and environmental sites on the lake.

The main villa itself has been transformed into a museum and conference centre. and the whole site extends 2KM along the lake front.

This space can also be rented out for photoshoots. So if you are marrying elsewhere but want to pop by for a different set of photos this is also possible.

Villa Regina Teodolinda

Villa Regina Teodolinda was owned by Queen Teodolinda who said Beauty is the rule while being here. Situated on the lake in the Laggio Village, this was said to be the house the George Clooney didn’t quite manage to buy. not surprising that is had so much competition.

With access straight from the lake you can access it from anywhere else along the waters edge so arriving in style by boat is no problem!

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