Rarely ever do we get to see luxury as an investment. Luxury is an excess, surely? Something which we allow ourselves sparingly and often with a side helping of guilt. In a decade of austerity, luxury seems almost a taboo. But when you’re planning your wedding, luxury is more than just an extravagance, it’s a prerequisite. After all, you only ever do this once. The love you share with your fiance is not only worth celebrating, it’s worth celebrating in a manner becoming of your love. A big love deserves a lavish wedding.

But for all the planning and the stress. For all the phone calls, the emails, the viewings, the samplings and the taster sessions. For all the expense and the compromises and the moments where you look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’ve inadvertently become a bridezilla, the wedding day itself will have come and gone before you know it.

That’s all the more reason why everything needs to be perfect.

Your wedding, your venue, your wedding photographer and you

You already have the perfect fiance. That’s great! That’s a pretty big box that can consider itself ticked. You also have a smattering of ideas for the perfect wedding… But first you need the perfect venue. A gorgeous backdrop that not only has a sense of beauty and grandeur becoming of your love but an aesthetic that suits your styles and tastes. Yet, even the perfect venue can become a fuzzy memory over time. That’s why it’s essential to take the time to find the perfect wedding photographer; a shutterbug who not only ‘gets’ you and your partner but has an intimate understanding of your chosen venue. They know the best nooks and crannies and have creative ideas that will make them pop in photos. They know which areas get the best light at certain times and how to use the space to create dazzling wedding snaps.

I’d love to be the wedding photographer at any of these luxurious wedding venues in Hertfordshire…

Official Venue Image: http://www.ashridgehouse.org.uk/

Ashridge House

Lots of counties have stately country houses. Lots of venues are thronged by acre after acer of lush and beautifully landscaped gardens. But Ashridge House near Berkhamstead offers a sense of luxury and prestige that few other venues can rival. Not to mention a sumptuous menu offering award winning fine dining. Nestled within 190 acres of beautiful gardens and National Trust maintained Ashridge Forest, Ashridge House takes luxury and sophistication to a whole new level.

Official Venue Image: https://www.coltsfoot.com

Coltsfoot Country Retreat

Those who prefer the elegant simplicity of a barn wedding will find a jaw-droppingly beautiful reception waiting for them at Coltsfoot Country retreat in Datchworth. Dine and dance surrounded by acres of stunning Hertfordshire countryside in a venue which can be completely customised to your taste.

Official Venue Image: http://www.youreventatknebworth.com


To anyone with even a passing interest in music, historic Knebworth really needs no introduction. The stunning late gothic country manor house has hosted numerous high profile concerts within its incredible grounds and the manor itself also doubled as Bruce Wayne’s abode in Tim Burton’s Batman in 1989. The estate’s Tithe Barns are often used for sumptuous weddings for those who want a venue with a pedigree and grandeur to match the love they have for one another.

Your wedding day, after all, is no time for austerity!

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