Three Ways to Take Unique Wedding Photos

If you’ve seen a couple of wedding photos, you’d think you have seen them all. It is inevitable–there are elements that keep repeating in wedding ceremonies across cultures, so it is understandable if photos would look alike. But you would want to change your photos up so. you have that level of creativity, you have more to remember your special day by than a couple of staged shots- something that is completely unique to you both as a couple. If you are still looking for inspiration, here are three kinds of pictures you can include in a wedding photoshoot, and how you can make these your own.

  1. Candid camera

Photographers will often shoot b-roll photos; test shots for lighting or photojournalistic take on the wedding. Sometimes couples don’t choose these pictures, but there is beauty in chaos and b-roll photos give you a more accurate picture of what happened on the day. Besides, a good wedding photographer can capture what your wedding is truly about when you let them interpret it on their own, without getting you or the entourage to get into wacky or staid poses as well as the natural crying shots. 

Make it yours: If you have a large family, request for photos of their reactions. Pets and babies in the ceremony (when they can be present) also add to the beauty of wedding photos. Since they generally behave the way they want to, animals and toddlers are always interesting to shoot.

  1. Featuring the supporting cast

When they said yes to being bridesmaids or groomsmen, your friends and family had an idea what they were signing up for. Highlight their contributions by including photos of them preparing for the wedding as well. You might not remember everything about your special day, but they’re in a unique position of being close enough to the action but not be in the middle of things. Seeing events through the sponsors will be a gift, both for them and for you and your significant other.

Make it yours: Get your wedding party involved. If you have inside jokes as a group, tell them to hide these in your photos, for you to spot after the pictures have been processed and the photobooks sent. It’s a surefire way of having fun on the day itself and will help everyone keep fond memories of the event. Try a few more fashion inspired bridal part photos to get them inspired.

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  1. For better or worse

Traditionally, wedding photos have been pristine, formal things, featuring a collection of well-worn tropes. There’s the bride’s walk down the aisle, the cake-cutting, the first dance. Any hiccups are swept under the rug. But for your photo book, consider including gaffes, surprises, and unexpected events. Since most ceremonies look alike, these are some of the things that infuse your ceremony with personality. Leave them in, but remind your wedding photographer to keep things classy.

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Make it yours: If you have an outdoor event and it rains, take advantage of this. Photographers often welcome sudden downpours, because they suddenly make shots ten times more interesting. If the weather refuses to cooperate on your special day, that’s fine; someone who is excellent behind the lens will know how to take your day and give it a little shine, a little more glamour, without Mother Nature helping.

Wrapping Up

Wedding photos keep the ceremony and reception alive in your memory. This is even more so for journalistic, personal takes on the day; you’ll be that much closer to keeping an accurate account of what happened. Enlist the services of a photographer who can create for you both candid and posed shots with confidence.


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