Get that Destination Wedding Vibe Without Leaving the UK

Dreaming of a destination wedding but keen on keeping things local? The allure of an exotic celebration doesn’t need to take you far from home. 

The UK, with its versatile landscapes and historic venues, can offer an equally enchanting backdrop for your wedding day. By injecting a blend of on-trend styling, luxury, and elegance into your planning, you can evoke the magic of a destination wedding right here in the UK. Something I love to experience as a documentary wedding photographer

Let’s explore how to get that destination wedding vibe without leaving the UK!


Planning Your Destination Wedding Vibe 

  • Themed Styling to Transport Your Guests
  • Selecting Your British Locale with a Global Twist
  • Incorporating Fashion-Forward Bridal and Groom Attire
  • Curating a Menu That Whisks Your Guests Away
  • Entertainment That Echoes Your Chosen Locale
  • Going Abroad for Inspiration
  • For Those with the Travel Bug – Venues Abroad

Themed Styling to Transport Your Guests

Creating a destination wedding atmosphere in the UK starts with theming and styling.

Imagine your guests walking into a space that immediately transports them to a villa in Tuscany, a beach in Santorini, or a château in the South of France. 

This magic begins with choosing a colour scheme that mirrors the warmth, vibrancy, or serene elegance of your dream location.

Utilise decor that speaks volumes — think of incorporating azure blues and stark whites for a Grecian vibe or rustic elements and lush greenery to replicate the charm of the Italian countryside.

Accent your venue with details like bespoke table settings that include exotic flowers and unique centrepieces, offering a visual feast that captivates and transports.

Fabrics play a subtle yet powerful role — flowing drapes and linen tablecloths can add a layer of authenticity and texture, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Lighting should never be overlooked; whether it’s fairy lights that mimic a starlit Mediterranean sky or beautiful lanterns that cast soft, inviting glows, the right lighting can profoundly influence the mood and ambiance.

It’s about creating an immersive experience, a celebration that feels like a journey — your journey!

Selecting Your British Locale with a Global Twist

Let your imagination soar as you explore the range of locales Britain has to offer to achieve that destination wedding vibe. 

Imagine exchanging vows against the backdrop of a castle, evoking the regal elegance of a European royal wedding.

Alternatively, you could immerse your celebration in the magic of the Cornish coast, where the rugged cliffs and mesmerising waves mirror the wild beauty of Italy’s Cinque Terre.

Venture into the heart of the English countryside, where luxe barn conversions and stately manor homes offer a rustic chic vibe, reminiscent of a lavish Provencal affair.

It’s about seeking out those hidden gems that resonate with the spirit of your dream destination.

Think of the serene Lakes of Cumbria as your own tranquil Italian lake district, or the vineyards of Sussex as a nod to the rolling hills of Tuscany.

The key lies in selecting a venue that not only aligns with your theme but also possesses its own unique character, ready to be interwoven with your vision.

Incorporating Fashion-Forward Bridal and Groom Attire

Your wedding attire is not just an outfit — it’s a statement of style, an echo of your theme, and a key aspect of the day’s overall vibe.

For the fashion-forward bride and groom aiming to channel destination wedding elegance, the key lies in selecting ensembles that resonate with your chosen locale’s ethos whilst remaining fashionable. 

Imagine a bespoke gown, its fabric light and ethereal for a beach setting, or richly textured for a European castle wedding.

Opt for a linen suit to complement a Mediterranean theme, or a classic black tuxedo that speaks to the timelessness of a Parisian soirée.

Accessories, too, play a significant role in elevating your look. Think statement jewellery that captures the essence of your destination — perhaps a Grecian-inspired headpiece or Italian leather shoes that add a touch of luxury and attention to detail.

For bridesmaids and groomsmen, coordinating attire that aligns with the wedding’s palette and theme can enhance the visual harmony and add to the immersive experience. 

Remember, choosing attire for your destination wedding-themed wedding in the UK is about blending the vibe of your dream locale with the latest in bridal and groom fashion, creating a look that’s as unforgettable as the day itself.

Curating a Menu That Whisks Your Guests Away

Imagine your wedding meal as a journey, each course a destination, and every bite an exploration — food is just as important and keeps everyone happy!

Collaboration with your caterer is key. Delve into a culinary adventure that mirrors the landscapes and flavours of your dream destination.

For an Italian Riviera vibe, indulge in a feast of fresh seafood linguine, drizzled with the finest olive oil, and a tiramisu.

Or, perhaps a Provencal-inspired menu, where lavender-honey glazed duck and a selection of fromage transport your guests straight to the sun-drenched fields of Southern France.

Introducing a signature cocktail adds a lovely touch. Envision a Sangria infused with local British berries for a Spanish flair, or a gin-based concoction with a sprig of English lavender that brings a piece of the French countryside to your destination wedding-inspired celebration.

The key is in crafting a menu that not only dazzles the palate but also serves as a narrative of your love story, blending the authentic tastes of your dream destination with the exquisite, homegrown produce the UK is known for.

Entertainment That Echoes Your Chosen Locale

Choosing the right entertainment is key in creating an atmosphere that transcends borders, bringing the soul of your dream destination wedding vibe into the heart of your UK celebration. 

Think beyond the conventional, and opt for performers who can embody the essence of your chosen destination with style.

For a touch of the Mediterranean, why not hire a classical guitarist whose melodies can serenade your guests during dinner, evoking the romantic streets of Spain or Italy?

If your heart is set on a French-inspired wedding, a jazz quartet performing in a softly lit garden could transport your guests to a chic Parisian cafe.

Incorporating traditional dance acts can add an exhilarating layer to your reception. Imagine the dynamic energy of a Greek Zorba dance, inviting guests to join hands and share in a moment of joy, or the grace of a Bollywood dance troupe, adding vibrancy and colour reminiscent of an Indian wedding festival.

It’s these performances that can breathe life into your destination theme. 

Going Abroad for Inspiration

If you’re up for it, why not take a trip to your dream destination before your wedding day?

This is not only an exciting adventure but a fountain of inspiration. Picture yourselves wandering through the cobbled streets of your chosen locale, soaking up the ambience, the colours, the textures, and the very essence of the place. 

It’s an opportunity to gather ideas that can be woven into your celebration back in the UK.

From the cafes of Paris to the markets of Marrakech, each element you encounter — be it an intricate tile pattern, a local delicacy, or the melody of a street musician — can serve as a muse for your wedding theme.

This first-hand experience allows you to authentically replicate the spirit of your dream destination wedding with finesse and originality.

Imagine integrating a specific floral arrangement inspired by the gardens of Tuscany or crafting a menu that brings a taste of Andalusian cuisine to your guests’ tables. 

Plus, what a great excuse to book yourself a getaway!

For Those with the Travel Bug – Venues Abroad

For the adventurers at heart who feel the call of distant shores, seeking out an iconic venue abroad for your wedding day may be the experience you opt for. 

Venturing to Cinque Terre or Portofino adds a brushstroke of Italian spirit to your destination wedding, with their captivating beauty and lively culture serving as a stunning backdrop.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is along the rugged coastline of the Italian Riviera and emerges as a timeless gem, What makes it captivating is its beauty and old-world charm. Comprising five enchanting villages – Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore – this UNESCO World Heritage site is beautiful with its colourful cliffside homes, winding cobblestone streets, and breathtaking views of the Ligurian Sea.

Each village exudes its own distinct character, from the bustling harbours of Monterosso to the relaxed terraced vineyards of Corniglia.

Against this natural backdrop, exchanging vows amidst the sun-drenched landscapes and azure waters becomes an ethereal experience.


Portofino on the other hand, nestled along the Italian Riviera, is a dream destination for weddings. Its pastel-colored buildings, cobblestone streets, and azure waters create a romantic backdrop for your special day.

With luxurious venues ranging from historic villas to boutique hotels, Portofino offers the perfect setting for an intimate celebration.

You can indulge in delicious cuisine, explore the scenic coastline, and create memories in this picturesque village, where every moment is infused with romance.

Whether it’s a seaside ceremony at sunset or an intimate affair amidst the vineyard-draped hills, Cinque Terre offers an array of lovely settings for every couple’s dream wedding.

These destinations are not just locations but experiences, giving you all of the Italian luxury and the intimacy of coastal life.

Incorporating an English-speaking photographer, like me, into your destination wedding is a great idea. I will become your storyteller, capturing the essence of your celebration against the stunning tapestry of these locales.

It’s about ensuring that every laugh, tear, and moment is captured so you can relive your magical day for years to come. 

 Neuendorf House

Neuendorf House, with its contemporary living ethos in harmony with the Mediterranean landscape, can inspire a UK wedding venue styling if you still want to get married in the UK with a destination wedding vibe. 

By incorporating or even experiencing your wedding within these design principles, your celebration can reflect the peace, beauty, and modern luxury that this iconic house represents. 

La Cervara

The Abbey of Cervara stands out as an incredible destination wedding venue thanks to its fascinating history, gorgeous surroundings, and enchanting atmosphere.

Founded in the 14th century, this historic monastic complex is perched on the Portofino promontory. The abbey boasts impressive views of the sea, overlooking the coast of the dolphins, the Gulf of Tigullio, and partially Portofino bay.

The architectural beauty of the complex, including the consecrated church, tower, and main building, adds to the venue’s allure.

Additionally, the maintained Italian garden, adorned with elegant boxwood hedges and a 17th-century marble fountain, provides a romantic setting for couples to exchange vows surrounded by greenery.

The higher terrace offers a stunning garden suspended between land and sea. From ancient olive trees to fragrant herbs and colourful flowers your surroundings are nothing short from beautiful for a destination wedding. 

Ready to Plan Your Dream Wedding?

You can get that destination wedding vibe without leaving the UK, with ease! With my advice to hand, you can go away and ensure that you achieve your ideal wedding aesthetic. 

I am a wedding photographer based in Oxfordshire and covering areas beyond, even abroad! Get in touch today and let’s talk about capturing your day 

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