The Roman Baths is such a unique spot. I first did a wedding here in 2020 and it really got stuck in my soul with how romantic the spot is. With the Italian vibes all around and even some of the steam coming off the weather is the weather conditions are correct!

This time around it was the turn of Danica and Gareth who had a super early wedding ceremony, meaning I headed out the door around 4.30am to be with them for a 6.30am start. Just in time to get the tail end of preparations and their walk to the Roman baths. These guys were a pure elopement- meaning they did not have any friends or family with them and it is something that the Roman Baths tend to specialise in quite a bit. So it was the makeup artist and I who were witnesses for the day, so I was multi tasking on this day.

Once the ceremony was done it was time to get some amazing couple photos around the Baths before it opened to the public. The were the most amazing at taking direction and just having fun with the day which is the best thing you can do to get the most natural and emotional pictures.

This then went to a little break time as they went into have their wedding breakfast Normally something that is called wedding breakfast as you break your fast as a newly married couple but this happens a lot later in the day. So it was great to see Danica and Gareth have their wedding breakfast in the morning with eggs Benedict and coffee! Much needed for them after their early start.

I took a few photos for them and then left them to enjoy a private meal and came back in an hour to then take them off for their final photos before they enjoyed the day around Bath and then told their family that they had eloped!

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