Natural wedding photography is a great set of images. It results in natural laughing shots, crying, funny moment, children playing and everything else in between!

But making sure you know what real natural moments look like, when to do a little bit of staging and how much time to give is important. Check out my Natural Wedding Photography gallery where you can see a segment of images that really showcase the candid imagery.

How to get natural wedding photography?

Most of my couple say they want natural photography coverage, and this can actually have different meanings for different people as well as a photographers own personal style. As a Creative Wedding Photographer London, I aim to get a healthy balance between my work. Most things such as ceremony, speeches, cocktail hour, dancing and most of the getting ready are not interfered with by me and I capture what is there. Making small steaks where needed, such as hanging the dress up, advising where is best to give the speeches if couples are unsure for best angles and lighting etc. It is a healthy balance between posed and uninfluenced moments. Shots such as the couple shots and group shots are more directed.. however… not heavily. By this I mean that I have influenced the set up/composition and backdrop choice, but maybe they might walk hand and hand and chat which gives the natural element. Small influences to make the shots Bettie but so the couple still are able to have fun.

By doing the couple shots as well as the group shots this way, there needs to be a certain level of direction otherwise the shots cannot happen. Some couples might say ‘ I want only natural shots, but want the posed groups too. Which if we strip this down to the actual meanings of these words, you cannot have both. So there needs to be a small amount of guidance to still get the desired shots. If we were to aim for completely un-posed and un-influenced by a photographer the reality is those group shots and couple shots everyone wants, will not happen. This is actually a completely different form of wedding photography and classes as pure reportage photography where the photographer has no input and sometimes will refuse to do group shots. So make sure that you know what you are asking.

What do natural moments look like?

These are basically where you forget the camera is there. This will take time as the day goes on and as you both become more absorbed I the events. But making sure to not look out for where the camera is al. the time and relax is a key factor. Not getting hung up on the perfect Pinterest/Instagram shot also make sure you capture your own moments. Rather than trying to recreate something you might have seen. This will all give you the most natural shots possible. Be aware of favourite angles and tell me as the photographer what they are but then relax into the day. I will then handle everything from there.


How long should I allow for Natural Photography?

Natural/candid photography wil lab-pen throughout the day. But making sure there are good intervals between each key event of the day can be important. So giving yourself long enough for bridal perp to be relaxing and no stressful means as a photographer I can concentrate on getting some really fun moments. leaving enough time in drinks reception to do group and couple shots but then for you both to go around and mingle with guests. such as lawn games etc, all will create lots of natural moments. Having too short a drinks reception might mean there is less time for candid coverage after the formal shots are done. As well as once dinner is done, think about having some down time before dating to allow for more mingling and candid shots allowing evening guests to arrive. This can also be a good time for golden hour shots.


Above all make sure your day is your own, special and not rushed. So give yourself plenty of time for each segment of the day, soak it all in and allow me to capture every moment for you to look back on.

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