Over the winter periods London gets a lot of proposals, so it is always the season for enquiries to see if I am free to capture the moment. There is quite a bit of pressure for these as a photographer! As you need to be organising where it will happen, exact spots for the moment as well as making sure you are not able to be spotted.

For this day Grant wanted to propose to his girlfriend Brie on the carousel. Her father had proposed to her mother in this way so it held a special sentiment to her.

So we decided that they would walk along the bride and have a london eye trip booked. But he would pretend that they were early and go on the carousel. Once the carousel stopped and everyone got off he would say: Lets grab a selfie here. And instead get down on one knee.

So I ended up dressing warm 9Since it was super cold!) and wearing an oversized coat so I could hide my camera in without being spotted. Ah the pressure! But it went so well, Brie said yeas and we proceeded to do a few quick photos along the riverside before having a champagne ride on the london eye. What a lovely proposal!

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