iyon park wedding couple

They say it’s not official until it’s Facebook official. That said, you shouldn’t necessarily post every single little detail about your wedding online if you do not want to- it is complete a personal choice. Your nuptials will be one of the most significant and beautiful events in your lifetime; it should not go down forgotten. So it is completely normal to want to share details. While not everything that went on during your big day might be shared, don’t forget how special it made you feel. That fuzzy feeling should be what you aim to convey online.

 From the moment you announce your engagement, chances are that you will be showered in love, affection, excitement, and well-wishes from your friends and family. Many of these people will make it to your wedding, but there will be others who won’t be able to attend. Don’t leave them hanging. Keep your social media friends updated with a few updates on your page when you are ready. Post photos of your gown, cake, guests, and more! Bask in the knowledge that you are a newlywed and it is completely ok to bask in the glory!

Here are a few tips on getting your images out of social media but in the right way that is completely personal for you!

#1. Start with gratitude

Start off with some gratitude to the special people who supported you and your partner through your journey thus far. Consider using a downloaded template that reflects the theme of your wedding and put a big “thank you” on it. The thank you note can then be sent via personal message to the recipient. Alternatively, you could post it directly to his or her wall with a small personal note from you and your partner. 

If you want your thank you note to be a little more personal and private, consider sending it via post or email. In a pretty envelope, include a personalised note and ideally, a picture of you, your partner, and the gift-giver on your wedding day. To make it even more special, put a few dried flower petals inside or tie it with a nice bow. It can be rather exhausting to send out dozens or even hundreds of thank you notes to those who attended your special day, but every recipient will appreciate your thoughtfulness.


#2. Change your name as you acquire a social media “married” status. 

Want to subtly draw attention to your new relationship status? Fortunately for you, Facebook and Instagram like to keep your friends updated. As soon as you change your status from “In a Relationship” to “Married,” the likes will start pouring in! Bask in your new status and enjoy your new last name. It can be such a surreal process in changing your name- something as simple as changing it on social media does make it official in your mind and a warm glow will happen within 🙂

 iyon park wedding couple

#3. Create an album with the best pictures from the big day. 

Uploading a wedding album onto your social media accounts will not be easy. In fact, it take hours depending on your internet speed! If you remember all the hard work you put into planning your big day, this is nothing. Go through all the shots, deciding to keep aside any verse personal shots, children who you know should not be on social media and being respectful of what you know about guests that attended and if you think they would wish to have anything online. When posting photos online, always upload the best images first. If you want to really tell a story, put some time into writing short captions for every single photo. Many viewers will enjoy reading them, and they’ll feel much more engaged in your big day if they have some commentary especially if they were not able to attend.

Many professional wedding photographers will cull your photos for you, delivering only the best and normally in time order of the day so the hard work would have been done for you. This way, you’ll have a set ready to post on Facebook!


Don’t let the excitement die down immediately after the wedding. Keep the romance in the air by sharing the joy with your friends online. Above are only three of the many post-wedding to-dos that you should accomplish. Not only will they tell the whole world you’re married, but they will allow you to one day look back on the event and smile at your own delight of being a newlywed completely on your own terms! 

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