Katie and Seb got married on the beautiful island of Paxos for their stunning wedding and it was giving me all of the lake como wedding vibes! They had the ruins for their cermony as well as a boat ride from the ceremony location to the reception. What more can you ask for!

We started the day off with both of them getting ready at the villa on separate sides, making it super easy to go between them both. This is the best way to guarantee even coverage on both sides. I loved the area where Katie got ready as it has these lovely drapes for getting her in her dress.

We then took a short taxi ride to the ceremony location that these guys had found in the open trees. To get to this area you walk through the ruins which have rock weights and tree log features- how stunning was this.

What was such a lovely touch is that when I was speaking to Katie and Seb they were planning on doing a boat trip for just the two of them from the ceremony to the reception but had not booked anything yet. and in emails Katie told me it was coming out too expensive and a bit of a logistical problem. So they were not going to do it. But when i arrived during preparations Katies sister told me her dad had organised a boat as a surprise. So it was such a lovely moment to capture these guys enjoying this boat trip moment together. ALLLL of the lake como vibes here. And like any good destination wedding, the food was a big part of the day. So they had an amazing sit down dinner by fairy lights and dancing. What more can you ask for?

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