Kate and Dan married at the most picturesque Borgo Stomennano which has so so soooo many options for a photographer when it comes to photos- it really is a dream! It was quite a hot day and Kate did message me a few weeks before worried that if she did push the ceremony back due ti temperatures that it felt like she was not having much of the daytime with guests, only the evening. And it can really be a challenge for destination weddings. As planners advise a later ceremony but in the UK we are so used to having a longer day to enjoy- not just an evening. So I advised to go with her gut, that an hour or an hour and a half really wouldn’t make that much difference to the temperatures in the sense that it was THAT much cooler. but it would mean that they got to enjoy more of the day time wise. That there were ways around making sure that guests were comfortable- keeping them in the shade as long as possible before seating, fans and parasols. As it is only 15-20 mins in the big scheme of things. And that she shouldn’t regret anything.

They were also thinking of having the ceremony off to the side for ease of moving the chairs, but they had this amazing pillars and ruins that would fit their guest numbers and I advised having this as the backdrop and I am so glad they changed their minds! It also had a bit of a mix of sun and cloud so guests actually had a bit of a reprieve from the sun at times before enjoying the drinks reception.

We managed to also pop out for the most rich golden hour down the side of the venue looking over the the local town.

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