Super pleased to be listed as one of the Top 10 wedding photographers of the UK by Zankyou. one of the leading UK directories and resources for Brides and Grooms. How amazing! Check out what they had to say below:

“The photographer is one of the most important suppliers of your wedding day – we would go as far to put it on a par with the dress, and the venue. Your photographs will last forever, and are the principle way in which you, and your treasured guests, will remember the big day, and the incredible experience that was had. And, frankly, we could talk the ears off a donkey with all of our thoughts and ideas about the best way to go about choosing your photographer. Instead, we thought it would be simpler to present you with some of the brightest talent Britain has to offer for your big day.

We at Zankyou work every day to bring you the best photographers in the UK,  And whilst we truly do love all of their work – and cannot state enough how pleased we are to work with and represent them – we do have a few secret favourites

Here is our selection of the top 10 wedding photographers available in the UK

Emma Jane Photography

Emma Jane is a photographer based in London – one of the most competitive locations for wedding professionals in the UK. Due to the huge concentration of talent in this area of the country, it can be hard to break out from the crowd, and yet Emma Jane does this with such elegance that it appears almost effortless. Not only available for your fairytale wedding in the British countryside, Emma is also a talented Destination Wedding photographer who has travelled to America, Italy, Malta and Santorini in pursuit of the perfect wedding photos…Not only capturing the special and intimate moments as they happen, Emma Jane’s wedding photography is not just emotive but incredibly artistic too; this comes from her work as a fashion photographer, with this added dimension giving her an extra special edge. For the most romantic and classical wedding photos, there’s no one that we could recommend more highly!”


Check out the full feature here: TOP 10 UK WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS

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