I got asked to write a post by Zankyou for 5 reasons you should have an engagement shoot. I think this really looks to build that relationship with a photographer and know what to expect for the wedding day. The photographer is one of the suppliers who will be with you from early in your planning, to long after the wedding day is finished. So you need to get on well and know your photographer will have your back. It allows us to see your best angles, the lighting that is flattering for you and any hang-us that you gmhit have. Plus you get some awesome shots to go away with!

Check out the full feature here: ZANKYOU FEATURE

Often a way to ease into this relationship is through an engagement shoot.  However it might not be for everyone; some people might be feeling quite confident, and some may just really not want one. So I designed packages that have the engagement shoot included on larger packages but these can be removed if required… no stress! So here are a few pointers as to why they are a good idea.

  1. Build confidence
  2. Know your angles
  3. Get to know your photographer
  4. Trusting your photographer
  5. Location and lighting sweet spots

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