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The bridal preparations are some of the most intimate shots of your nearest and dearest. And it is not all about those posed shots, but the really funny and natural moments too. However as a London wedding photographer, I have noticed sometimes it can get over looked, and my couples often run out of time. So lets have a chat around your ideas as a couple and make sure you have enough time for each segment. I shall dive in a little more to talk over some of my best tips and things to consider after having been a creative wedding photographer for over 8 years.

Have Groom preparations covered.

Groom preparation shots are sometimes overlooked, either there is not a lot of time or the groom wants to shy away as he isn’t overly sold on the idea! But I the wedding album these can look great to tell the full story. as well as often the partner wishes to see these shots as they don’t get to see that part of the day. Such as what he did, the fun he had etc. It might be something that can be covered by me if the timings allow or a second photographer can be added onto cover groom preparations. But it really is something worthwhile to consider.

Get matching robes and hangers

Now the little touches really do make the difference. Having matching robes for yourself as the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride etc can really look lovely. Whether that is robes that have the names written on, or just the same floral design this continuity really looks lovely in shots. As well as the little details of personalised hangers for the dresses hanging up, especially the brides means the unique shot of the dress changing up looks that little bit more special. Rather than a metal dry cleaning hanger… :/. As a Cotswold wedding photographer, I have noticed there really are some amazing spots in the country and stately houses to hang your dress with ease but still making the shot as creative as possible.

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Try a first reveal

A first reveal can be so unique. It guarantees emotion, whether that are tears, laughs and lots of hugs. The fun of the shots is the unpredictability of what might happen. But it means such lovely shots to look back on. You can do it with your mum, dad, bridesmaids or sister. anyone you have a close relationship with. It can often be hard if you might not have a dad walking you down an isle and you see the first reveal as a dad thing… but really is not! Break tradition and look at doing a reveal with someone you would love to surprise.

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Champagne and fun times with the girls

Make sure you take some time out in the schedule to factor in some fun champagne shots with your girls. Often best once makeup is done and everyone is feeling comfortable and happy to have a bit of fun and laughter before the vows. It can also help to ease those nerves and provide you with some really memorable shots before things get busy.


Make time for each segment

I work with my couples to make sure the timings of the whole the day work out best, often helping to guide on how much time we need for each segment. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to feel rushed and that everyone is pulling you in different directions. Sometimes during probably preparations you might not have  enough time to fit in the shots you want. so its best when you are planning to give yourself more time than you think you need. Hair might take a little longer than planned, deliveries and distractions from loved ones loose you 10 and 15 mins here and there. So the last thing you want to go is be rushing putting on your dress and flying out the door. You want to savour those moments with everyone. It does go so fast after all!


I can work with you to help make sure your preparation shots are the best they can be and really flow with the rest of your wedding day moments that I capture. So make sure to pop me a message or check out my FAQ’s for more tips and questions.

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