Agafay Dessert Wedding Photography

8th May 2020

When I travel for work, it is like breathing different air! You get to push boundaries further, have channelise with light, locations and even language! But it really does add fuel to the fire of the love that I have for photography. I have been lucky enough to travel as an International wedding photographer, to places like Ravello, Atlanta, Malta, Marrakesh, Venice and Qatar. I would love to add to my list such as Rome wedding photographer, Namibia Wedding Photographer, Turkey wedding photographer, France wedding photographer…. to name a few! But these advents will come and I will get to meet some amazing couples.

Here on the blog I wanted to share some amazing dusk photos of Sophie and Nathan in Marrakesh at the Agafay Dessert. The light, passion and connection between these guys was amazing and I thought a post dedicated to these photos was completely needed! If you want to to travel with you internationally for your wedding and capture similar shots of your love then get in touch!

marrakesh_wedding_photographer marrakesh_wedding_photographer marrakesh_wedding_photographer marrakesh_wedding_photographer