I wanted to write a piece on the reveals that can happen on a wedding day. Now these are not for everyone and its not something I am saying you should all rush to add into your schedule if you don’t feel it is ‘you’. But if you do have a  special bond with someone then it can be a really nice addition.

Having the reveal can be this special moment that you share tighter. Whether that is going traditional and looking at having this done with your father or potentially your mother, sister or team of bridesmaids. It means having a really emotional experience with your nearest in dearest before you walk down the isle. Something that cannot be faked and something amazing to look back on.

Here are a few top tips to get that best reveal:

Factor in the time:

Make sure to talk to your photographer about wishing to add in a reveal. When I am speaking with couples I look to make sure if there are any ‘wish list’ shots that they might want throughout the day and a large part of this is also the preparation shots. So it is then something I am aware of and I naturally need to make sure we have enough time for this. A  reveal will happen once all of the hair, makeup, styling and bits and bobs are done and just before any interviews with the registrar. So if things are running late during the morning it can squeeze the reveal out of the schedule as you might have venue staff and registrars putting pressure on to get things moving- which is not ideal in a time that is meant to be relaxed!

So to avoid this it is best to look at speaking with your styling team to Make sure they are finished with you and the important people you need in the reveal photo at least 30 minutes before your needed by any members of staff for the venue. This means we can set up the shot, you can enjoy the moment and even have a little bit of down time before the next part of the day happens. Meaning this part of the day is not rushed and you are able to actually breath and the it all in.

I can be on hand to help set up some guide times for couples toothed send over to the venue and styling team so it gives us enough time for any photos.



Make sure the space is not cluttered:

While we still want the reveal shot to look real, and un-staged like any other morning shots – we still want these to look aesthetically pleasing. So making sure to tuck suitcases away, rubbish, plastic bags off to one side etc. No one wants a Sainsbury’s bag in their photos! So look at the space your getting mired in and designate certain areas.

Such as:

Area for makeup and Mair

Area for putting on the dress

Area for the reveal

Area for storage of everything you don’t want in the photos

This means things are more organised when it comes to the shots and it is not a mad dash to hide things away from the photos. It also means when you get your dress o this is private and then you can step into another area for the reveal.

This is not saying you need a massive master suite! But its about organising a room in the best way possible. Whether it is small or large. This can be done the might before or the morning when you arrive before everyone sets up. So one team members start arriving they know the areas they can be in. It might sound regimented but it will help keep the stress down once the time comes to get in your dress!

Think about lighting:

Make sure the reveal can happen in an area that is bright, clean and has nice natural light. Often when couples look at the rooms they get ready in it might not be as well thought out compared to the reception rooms. But this part of the day also needs some consideration. Even your makeup artist will want this type of lighting to do their job in as they can see how you would look when out and about- other than artificial light. So ask the venue to show you a few room options and pick the best one. This also goes for the groom getting ready if photos are bring taken in there- don’t pop them in a super cramped room!

Organising the reveal:

Make sure whoever is in the reveal photo knows this is happening. They need to be fully dressed and ready before the bride. No excuse- the last thing you want to be doing is waiting on other people and having your stress levels rise! So make sure a few people are on call to get your designated person ready in time. I work with the person who will be in the reveal to place them in the spot I need and then look to bring the bride out for the shots. Making sure that this area is not too wide a distance so reactions can still be seen.

Allowing enough time to get the reaction, coming closer, coming in for a hug and any happy tears that might be shed.

Having these shots can add to the documentary wedding photography that you have over the course of the day- creating those perfect memories! Pop me an email if you wanted to talk over any aspects of your wedding day.

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