Photography during a wedding day is full of love, laughter and fast paced movements for a photographer! A sweet spot in the day for a photographer has to be golden hour and sunset! If you can as a couple, it is really important to factor in a small portion of this time to pop out and get a few extra shots.

Often this is the most romantic time, it is less hectic after the wedding ceremony, dinner is often done (depending on the time of year and country) and it can be time to fully relax into the shots. leading to much more natural and carefree couple photos. It is also a time to escape from the wedding party to just have some solo time for the two of you where you can be together.


Don’t be afraid to factor this into the schedule of the day as it is fully worth it! So having that bit of down time for guests in the schedule  these photos. Often this can fall nicely between courses, just after speeches or before the first dance.

Destination weddings often have the most stunning golden hour light. such as Lake Como, South of France, Marrakesh and Cappadocia weddings. So make the most of the light and why you chose your venue in the first place.


The warm light is incredibly flattering. Gone are the harsh mid day sun tones and this time of day welcomes the warm nights to have that loving glow. As the golden hour progresses that colour can get richer and more passionate.

Don’t be afraid to push boundaries into more dusk, where the photos can get much more moody and intimate.

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