Deciding to carry out a destination wedding can be a really big decision. It is weighted up by a number of factors. Such as how many guests are you looking to bring Vs how many are able to afford to come deepening on the length and cost of travel. Are there elderly guests to consider who might struggle to travel? Would you also do a celebration in the UK and the added cost of this, Legal items such as the marriage certificate, length of time being out there and booking leave from work. How to book suppliers locally such as catering and florists. So much to do! However if managed wisely having a destination wedding can be more cost effective that a UK wedding.


There are so many amazing locations to choose from, with popular wedding locations such as Lake Como, Rome, Marrakesh , St Lucia, Australia and France. I have been lucky enough to photograph destination weddings in Tuscany, Puglia, Santorini, Atlanta,  Qatar and Malta. It can be a fairytale experience, sun sea and romance.

Sometimes it can be daunting looking at having the wedding abroad, as there might also be a difference in culture, language and approaches that might scare you a little. Some couples might be deciding if they should and should not take out some UK suppliers. And taking out your wedding photographer to a destination wedding can be a key decision. And it can be a great one!

Taking out your UK based photographer to your destination wedding gives you a whole heap of peace of mind. A photographer would be one of the longest running relationships with a supplier you will have alongside often your venue. As photographers we are often booked very early on in the planning processes and will be a key influence and help in your scheduling, often working hand in hand with a venue co-ordinator on the day to get things done. And once the wedding is done, unlike a venue we are still there for a while longer from going through image sections, editing, choosing albums and even sometimes a UK wedding shoot. So it is a big decision to make.

There are a lot of benefits to taking your photographer with you, here are a few common thoughts from my couples on why they chose to take me with them:

You speak the same language

While this is obvious, it is something that can be overlooked. This comes down simply to communication. Often while abroad at weddings suppliers will be doing things quickly and taking in their native tongue and it can be a little overwhelming for couples. There can also be a lack of fluent English spoken in areas that are not so built up and are more secluded. So the communication can be quite difficult. Image this when you are trying to build a relationship with a supplier, you want to take direction of poses and get the best tout of your shots but you do not know what is being said. As often if you hire a local photographer they might not meet you until you fly out there a few days before. So it is a bit late to change your mind at this point. Taking out a UK photographer means that we can communicate directions and poses the best we can to get the best shots for you. Making small adjustments that are understood by you and fill you with confidence on your big day.

You build that relationship beforehand

Couples often decide on an engagement shoot before the wedding, meaning that we can build that relationship with you in front of the camera. Knowing what poses work and do not beef rehire big day. Often you won’t be able to do this with a local supplier until a lot closer to the wedding day if at all. We also carry out a consult- going through your wedding day schedule to figure out the best time for certain shots, making use of the locations and when sunset will be. You then get to feel confident before flying out there that the photography is covered and that we are excited to work with you on this. When I turn up- its like an extra guest at the wedding one who knows exactly what needs to happen.

tuscany poolside wedding

They have your back throughout the whole wedding day

We have worked on the schedules, shot lists and timings with you to fine detail. So as a photographer we also tend to play glorified wedding planners. Meaning we have your back at every step of the way. Helping to decide when certain aspects need to happen, why the cake table needs moving for the shot and leasing between other suppliers for you to get the right shots. We are also excited to be a the venues, often going above and beyond for certain shots that you might not get from a local supplier as they have worked the venue countless times but decide on the locations they know work and have been tried and tested. But this might not mean you get anything different from your shots, things that would be unique to you as a couple.

You can easily see them once your back home

Once back home, we are only a pone call, email or in person chat away. Unless you want to hop back onto a plane to see your photographer it takes that added stress out. It also means you might wish to have the same style of work for your UK celebrations o we cover your vent over here and create a whole album for each event for you.

Peace of mind once the wedding day is over 

Once the wedding is over, you have a turn around time for edits and can contact us about the process. however there have been stories on several groups I am part of about couples being unable to get hold of certain suppliers where they need things such as photographers and videographers for their end results. This can be ever so stressful and has even resulted in some couples having to fly back over only to find out the business has gone under. At last with a UK supplier they are easily trackable and fall under UK laws.

Castello Monaci bari Italy wedding photography


Cost effective

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to take your wedding photographer over. Depending on the location, UK fees can be more reasonable even with the travel costs added in. There can also be a mark up if suppliers are provided as part of the venue suppliers list as there can be certain benefit kick backs they get. I work with my wedding couples to make the packages as cost effective as possible. I still only charge the standard UK wedding photography prices and then work with the couples for the best cost effective way to travel. often this is just flights and an overnight stay. And I do not go looking to stay in the Ritz equivalent!


It can make so much difference having that confidence in your photographer, that trust built over time and knowing they are with you fully committed. Photography is one of only two formats that you have to remember your day by. So make sure you are investing wisely in your choices and they style of photography they have. And most of all enjoy your destination wedding for all the magic it provides!



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