During the wedding day there is a lot of focus on the dress, flowers and movement of the bride- and while my heart sings to get these fashion elements at the forefront of shots, lets not forget the boys! There is something super sophisticated about a great suit, posture and smile. So lets not forget the boys!

Here are nine candid or staged pose ideas that will make the groom and groomsmen at ease amidst the pressures that coming with taking photos and get everyone super relaxed.

1. Getting ready

The photography session starts while the groom is busy with his preparations. Getting ready can be relaxed or chaotic so you need to capture this at its best- capturing wide and tight shots for variety. Try and position the groom where this is a vast amount of natural light so that you can produce more flattering images, compared to ones taken under artificial lighting.


2. Having fun with the groomsmen

Document the lighter side of the wedding and take playful shots of the groom with his groomsmen. Encourage them to act playful while teasing the groom or suggest a funny pose depending on the banter that they have together. These shots reflect tons of fun that will get laughs from anyone who sees it. This also eases the tension of everyone as it allows them to relax and be their true selves allowing the photos to feel natural.

3. Drinking beer with friends

Being nervous on his wedding day is an understandable experience for the groom to face. However, a round of drinks like beer or wine with friends can help ease his nerves even while you are taking photos of him. The toast itself and the laughs during the drinking session provide several memorable snapshots.

4. Final touch-up

Allow the groomsmen to assist the groom in perfecting his look during the big day. Let them crowd the groom while they are checking his look to capture natural conversations.

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5. The suit

Once the groom is fully dressed up, capture the tiniest details of his outfit. You can put a rose in his pocket to achieve varying colors that comprise captivating shots.

6. Minutes away from the ceremony

The groom will have mixed emotions when the wedding ceremony is just minutes away. This moment is perfect for capturing his excitement, curiosity, and anxiousness before he marches down the aisle.

7. Time to roll

Much like the moments before the wedding ceremony, excitement engulfs the groom as he comes out of his dressing room. Capture him as he approaches the doorway, and take a tighter shot to document the emotions on his face.

8. Walking with the groomsmen

The groom’s final walk as a bachelor is an event to remember. Let them reminisce about their happy memories as they pose for the cameras while walking. The groomsmen can walk with the suit jackets over their shoulders while exchanging stories with the groom and sharing some laughs.


9. Looking at his bride

The groom looking at his bride as she enters the wedding venue is an image you cannot miss due to its emotional significance. It’s the first time he sees the woman of his dreams walking towards him, and that moment provides a scene worth remembering for a lifetime.

Hire the best wedding photographer

If the groom is struggling in projecting himself naturally for the wedding pictures, the best photographers will use their extensive experience to direct him on what to do. You can check the photographer’s portfolio to determine the quality of their shots. With the nine posing ideas given above, the groom will have a more stress-free and tension-free photo session throughout his big day. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in London, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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