How to Personalise Your Wedding

I have worked with Valentina Ring from The Stars Inside wedding planning and always get inspired by her creative flare, attention to detail and sheer infectious personality! It was great to work with her also recently on a styled shoot at Aynhoe Park which will be coming soon!

I asked Valentina to write some inspiring content for my wedding couples and she came from a great perspective. Here is what she had to say:

“One of the things that made me fall in love with the wedding industry is the creative freedom to tell your love story in the way that is most memorable, personal, and meaningful to you and your loved ones – as if the wedding day was a book, and every glimpse into your personalities is a chapter to reveal. 

There are so many ways of personalising your wedding, but the ‘secret’ is always the same: be yourselves, because that’s the most fun you can have! Don’t burden yourselves with thoughts of what you’re supposed to do, what traditions require of you, or what you think people expect or want – what your guests will love most is to come away from the day feeling like they truly experienced it with you, for you, and in a way that ‘feels’ how hanging out with you both feels. Everyone is there because they love you and want to be beside you as you start this new adventure, and seeing you happy is the best reward they can possibly get.

I’ve written down some questions to reflect on together as you start imagining what your wedding day might be like; this is just a starting point, but I hope it will help in freeing you to make decisions more lightly. If you have time, you can each try writing down your answers, and then compare – you might even discover something unexpected about yourselves, or each other. So here goes: 

  • What three words do you think best describe you as a couple? 
  • What would you love your wedding to be remembered for? 
  • What passions have brought you together? 
  • What do you love most about one another? 
  • How do you want your photographs to feel, as you look at them in years to come? 
  • What’s your favourite way of spending time together? 
  • Is there a place, real or fictional, that embodies or reflects your relationship? 
  • Does any colour, scent, or taste remind you of one other? 
  • What is your favourite memory, on your own and together? 

Once you’ve thought about your answers, you can start brainstorming on how to let what matters to you inspire the decisions that will bring the day to life, like your venue, ceremony, style, décor, outfits, stationery, flowers, food, gifts, and entertainment. These days, there are countless options for each of these aspects, and the wedding industry is full of incredibly talented suppliers that want nothing more than to give you a really unique, bespoke, and authentic experience that you’ll love. Share your  quirks and passions with your vendors, and, if you’re unsure where to start, ask them advice on creative ways to explore them. 

When your planning journey begins, all the doors are open – and you can run towards any that call to you. You might opt for a full-on theme, or perhaps a subtle “feeling” running through the day, or maybe you just want to choose some small details that only you know of. Whatever your signature style is, let it shine through by making decisions with your heart, speaking honestly and openly with one another, and – most importantly – unleashing that extra you-ness. And after decisions have been made, intentionally and mindfully for reasons you believe in, NOBODY has the right to make you feel your choices are wrong, out, old, or ugly. This is a story of you, for you – no expectations, no rules, and no limits.

If you’d like help at any point throughout your journey, I’m here for you ♡”

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