Put the wow into your ceremony, with an owl ring exchange

Often ceremonies tend to follow a similar structure unless you have a celebrant where you can mix things up a little. But a legal ceremony often has to follow a legal structure. You might be able to add in your own personal vows as well as adding some music or readings. BUT one way to make things different is also how your rings are delivered. I have had this done with the couples dog before. But not with a owl which was a stunning expereicne. The lovely owls were provided by csr falconry run by Claire.

How does a ring delivery with an owl work?

Claire arrived earlier so that our groom could have a practice run with the owls. This meant that myself and the videographer are able to see where we need to stand to capture the owl at the best angle, as well as the speed at which the owl flies without missing it. As the owl is also in a new environment then it is also making sure we are not moving around and staying in the right spot as anything could distract the owl from flying onto the grooms arm. It was also great to see Claire stay with the 4 owls to have photos with the couple and their guests. What a great expereince to add into yuor day!

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