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Emma-Jane Lewis - Photographer

Emma-Jane Lewis

Emma-Jane is an award-winning international wedding & fashion photographer in London. Creating fashion inspired, romantic imagery for couples across Devon, London, UK and abroad.

I started photography back home in Devon where I developed my craft. Originally this was specialising in weddings and family portraits. These early years allowed me to develop the style that you see today. I was always inspired by dream like things, never fully content with my mind existing in this realm.. I wished to create my own world. Photography became my tool to be able to do that. I enjoy being able to use this skill in capturing a wedding day.

I relocated to London around 8 years ago to progress my career.. I wished to push my work into the fashion realm and London was the city to do this. I currently divide my time between wedding and fashion work around 50/50. Being lucky enough to progress my fashion work into the celebrity realm. I have managed to work with celebrities such as Vogue Williams, Billie Piper, Sinitta, Linzi Stoppard, Liam Fox, Rik Makarem and Janet Devlin and Emily Middlemas to name a few. I find myself shooting fashion campaigns on a weekday and enjoying capturing a special wedding over the weekend, it is the perfect balance for me.

Well.. who doesnt want to say they have a celebrity wedding photographer.. ey? 😉

If you want to see my inspiration for your wedding, check out my fashion work here: Emma-JanePhoto.co.uk

linzi-stoppard liam-fox billie-piper sinitta

You can also see what I get up to on a wedding day with this short little teaser for Handy and Lehdeen’s wedding shot in Atlanta:

Here I also explore a little more about my process, who I am as a photographer and some of my favourite images on display:


As with any creative wedding photographer, I do also have a bucket list! I’ve been able to tick a large amount of these off in the last few years such as: Tuscany wedding, USA wedding, Concorde wedding, Kew Gardens, The Aslylum Chapel, Stonehenge, engagement shoot in a Lavender field etc. But there are a few left, here are a few ideas that are still on my bucket list to show you I still have a few goals! 😉 :


  • Dungeness engagement shoot
  • Underwater engagement shoot
  • Syon Park wedding Done!
  • Anyhoe Park wedding Done!
  • Beach wedding ceremony. And bonus points for something exotic. Such as Mexico, Bali, Maldives….
  • Stonehenge wedding (I’ve done engagement photos here but if your nuptials are here you will get a big thumbs up)
  • Iceland wedding
  • 1920’s Gatsby themed wedding
  • Forest Ceremony Done!
  • Elopement wedding- Super small guest number!
  • Circus themed wedding- the whole shebang!
  • Disneyland Paris engagement or wedding!
  • A zoo wedding
  • Euridge Orangery