Romantic St Pancras Renaissance Hotel wedding

Tim and Jordan married at the incredible central London hotel- the St Pancras Renaissance. Filled with glorious architecture this stunning hotel really is a photographers dream. As a London wedding photographer, it does not get better that this in the capital!

Bridal preparations

The getting ready photos of a wedding day can be the most fun in some ways. As you get to know the key people and make sure that previously discussed schedule is all laid out. There are heartfelt moments with family members and plenty of fun!

Intimate ceremony in central London

Even though this couple had a fairly standard guest list size, the room for the ceremony felt lovely and intimate. As you have the arches and can do seats in a slight curve. Slightly hard for photos when you are also trying not to get in a videographers way! But it means the exchange of vows are much more personal. I loved these photos of Jordan thought the arches just before she walked to the ceremony room.

Drinks reception and the most amazing couple photos

These guys decided to go a cheering exif from the ceremony room as you are not able to have confetti inside which was a brilliant idea. Next we headed into drinks reception, where people were able to mingle, catch up with old family and friends. As well as doing groups and couple photos on the staircase and outside. The architecture her light was just lovely. Especially for the couple photos- everything gave such a smooth and almost milky quality. It really was just divine! I am loving a lot of movement at the moment and details photos, so Jordans dress when she scooped it up to go outside was so pretty.

Time to get this wedding party started

After call to dinner it was time for some lovely speeches. Tears were shed and then the food started being served. With Jordan then changing into the most amazing dress for dancing the night away. I could resist a quick 2 mins on the staircase with her when I bumped into her in the hallway! If you are considering the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel for your London wedding- it really is a no-brainer!

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